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For those of you that know me, you know I’m a fan of TOOLS!!  Anything to help me get a job done quickly and efficiently, or anything that helps to enhance a project, I’m a big fan!  So it’s no surprise that this tool I’m about to share with you is a kind of a big deal.  It’s called the Simply Scored Tool and it’s made by Stampin’ Up!  Typically, when I am making cards, I pull out my cutting mat, my ruler and a pair of trusty scissors and score my cards that way.   This works – for the most part.  The odd time, I find I’m trimming a bit here and there to make the ends meet properly or to square the ends off.  I’ve also wanted a quick and easy way to do my own envelopes.  Especially with all of the great Designer series paper available, it’s a shame not to have more fun with envelopes!!!

That said, it’s a quick post today but wanted to share with you the Simply Scored Tool and some of the cool things you can achieve using it!!!





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  1. That is very cool!


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