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You Can Do It, I Can Help…

You’ve seen the DIY kits out there for various invitations, announcements, notices, etc……but nothing quite “fits”, right?   Better yet, you know what you want based on an idea or perhaps some photos you’ve clipped out, but “Where do you start?”

Starting to sound like one of those cheesy infomercials?…..maybe.   But seriously, I’m here to help and make what might seem like a daunting task, fun!  I can help you a little, or maybe a lot…..entirely up to you.  Whether it’s providing a little bit of inspiration to get you started, or pulling it all together for you, there are lots of options.  I really enjoy the creative process of brainstorming ideas and I enjoy getting those I help involved in the process too!

So, if you’re seriously considering tackling your next invitation/announcement/notice project, here’s how I can help:

Creative Consultation
-You and I will sit down together twice.  The first time will be a bit of a “get to know you” and we’ll discuss what sorts of likes and dislikes you have when it comes to creating your design.  If you have ideas, clippings, etc. bring ’em to the table and we can go over what you have in mind.  Our second chat will be me bringing you a couple of design samples and discussing which route you wish to go.

Project Prep
-If/Once you know what you want to do, I will generate your list of requirements.  I can help you gather all the materials you will need in order to create your project and can let you do the purchasing, or if you’d like me to keep going with this stage, I can certainly do that too!   As an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I have just about everything at my fingertips!  Once materials are in hand, I can pre-cut and deliver to you with samples so that you’re well on your way.

Project Assembly
-Again, depending on how “DIY” you want to get,  round up a few of your pals, host a party, and we’ll assemble everything together!  Or if time doesn’t quite permit, I’m happy to assemble and deliver the final project!

Costs will vary based on size of project but consultation is free and encouraged!  😉

Contact me when you’re ready and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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